Virtual Tours 2016

Mark your calendars for AVC Social Events in Summer Term 2016!

1. Summer Festivals in Armenia
August 11, 12

Summer Festivals in Armenia

Summertime is a holiday, entertainment and rest time in Armenia. The unique holiday of Vardavar, the fascinating water-melon festival, unforgettable summer nights concerts in Yerevan streets and many other wonders of the Armenian summer are presented to the participants throughout the tour.

2. Feast of Assumption of Mary
September 8, 9

Feast of Assumption of Mary: Grape Blessing

The Social Event covers the history of viticulture in the Armenian Highlands since Noah’s times, explains symbol of grapes, presents the traditions and ceremonies related to the Armenian wine among them the famous holiday of Grape Blessing. The students also learn of today’s wineries and Ararat Brandy Factory.

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