Virtual Tours

Wherever they are around the world, AVC students are invited to be educated and entertained through virtual social programs, which range from virtual visits to museums in Armenia to introductory visual lectures about Armenian national holidays and traditions to virtual tours in the streets of Yerevan. The activities create an on-campus feeling and increase interaction among students. At least two (2) social programs are conducted within one (1) academic term.

The programs cover a wide variety of themes in all spheres of knowledge about Armenia, such as: history, culture, tourism, popular art, and contemporary topics about economy and modern art.

gafesjian2.png Tour of the Cafesjian Centre for the Arts
Located in the Cascade Complex, the Cafesjian Centre for the Arts, with its exterior stairway, interior escalators and outdoor garden full of historical and modern art pieces, is treasured by Armenians and tourists alike.
matenadaran.png Matenadaran Tour
Pay a virtual visit to the Matenadaran - the museum and repository of antique manuscripts of Armenian and foreign origins. Get acquainted with ancient scholars’ handwritten treasures enlightening the generations of achievements in history, arts, philosophy, and more.
barekendan.png Barekendan Festivity
Full of rituals and celebrations, the pre-lent holiday of religious origin is the atricalized for students by online instructors. The rhymes, songs and recipes of the holiday are shared in a live conference that conveys the joyous mood of the festivity to the participants.
mnjaxax1.png Pantomime Art and History in Armenia
The history and the renaissance of the Armenian Pantomime, the art of the king of the Armenian clowns Leonid Yengibaryan, the experience of being in the Pantomime theatre – all in the online cultural event ‘Pantomime’ extremely popular with AVC students.
erebuni_tour.png Erebuni Tour
In 782 BC in the ancient kingdom of Urartu King Argishti built the fortress of Erebuni, the forefather of the capital city of Yerevan . Visit the Erebuni museum, study the centuries-old artifacts, and admire the majesty and might of the Urartian kings high on the hill of Arin Berd.
yerevan_city.png Yerevan City-Tour
The contrasting mix of old and new, the genuine talent of Tamanyan, the nostalgic feel along Abovyan-Astafyan street, the pride in magnificent downtown, the memories of a first date by the Moscow Cinema - all emotions felt in the Yerevan City virtual tour.
cinema2.png History of Armenian Cinematography
From the silent black-and-white film ‘Namus’ by Hayfilm Studio to the modern tech-savvy films, from the ups of the Soviet times to the downs of post Soviet collapse, from the ‘Golden Apricot’ festival in filmmaking to the ReAnimania of the cartoon world – get reeled into Armenian motion picture photography.
opera.png Opera House Tour
Stroll inside another masterpiece designed by Tamanyan! The Opera House in the heart of Yerevan opens its doors and history in front of you. Hear the sounds of the Armenian opera ‘Almast’, soar in Khachaturian’s ballets and feel the spirit of independence in Freedom Square.
arshile_gorkie.png Arshile Gorky’s Life & Arts
The founder of Abstract Expressionist art, Arhshile Gorky’s extraordinary life story always steals tears from students, while the interpretation of his brushstrokes inspires them to look beyond the artist’s tones and colors, transporting them to his lost homeland in historic Armenia.
genocide.png Armenian Genocide: Survivor and Eyewitness
A harsh reality that should be learned and memorialized! The tour of the Genocide Museum takes us on a walk through pre, post and genocide-time exhibits, and to Tsitsernakaberd to lay flowers in memory of the victims, with explanations of the symbols throughout the Complex that makes us ‘silent’ to the horror of the time.
in_Georgia.png Armenians in Georgia-Lives and Deeds
No one can deny their deeds, no one can forget their philanthropy, no one can learn of the Armenians without paying them respect; the prominent names of Mantashov, Khachaturov and others are unforgettable not only for the Armenians but also in the history of Georgia.
chess.png Wonderful World of Chess
Check the logic, check the strategy, check competitors, check the chance, check mate… Make your move into the wonderful world of chess together with the international chess master who unlocks all the secrets behind this mysterious game.
parajanov.png Tour of the Sergey Parajanov House - Museum
Born in Georgia, lived and imprisoned in Ukraine, buried in Armenia. Live the hard life of the greatest Armenian cinematographer Sergey Parajanov, learn the genius behind ‘The Color of Pomegranates’ and other films, and view life through his unique lens.